The Breakout Novel Intensive Two-Year Story Lab is an intimate, generative program for a highly select group of writers, which will focus on developing breakout novels from inception to completion.

The program will consist of four residency periods and three eight-month online classroom sessions over the course of two years. Selected writers will be expected to commit to the program in its entirety and be prepared to participate fully, both in developing their own materials and in being available to other students for feedback and support.

Writers working in all genres of fiction are welcome to apply whether or not they've participated in Free Expressions' offerings in the past.

We ask for 3,000 words that represent the best of your prose. These can be from a short story or a novel and do not have to be part of the novel you wish to work on during the course. Please paste the excerpt directly into the application form. Don't worry about indenting paragraph starts. Just put a space between paragraphs for ease of reading. For italics, please place _underscores_ around the word(s) you wish to emphasize.

We will also ask you for a line or two of summary related to the origin of the selection. A detailed synopsis is not necessary. Other fields should be self-explanatory, but don't hesitate to email should any questions arise.

We're excited to launch this program and wish you the best of luck with your application!

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