Your Best Book Guest Speaker: Author Beth Revis

YOUR BEST BOOK is just around the corner, and we'd like to introduce you to our awesome staff and this year's guest speakers!


Beth Revis, Author


Beth Revis is the NY Times Bestselling author of the young adult science fiction series, Across the Universe. The third and final book, Shades of Earth, came out in 2013, and she's currently working on a new SF series. Beth lives in North Carolina with her husband and dog. 





Q: What was your favorite book growing up? 

The Chronicles of Narnia--it was the first book I read when growing up that I realized there was something more to the story than ink and paper.

Q: What inspired you to write for the young adult audience?

It's not that I write for the YA audience. It's that I write the kind of books I want to write, and they're classified as YA.

Q: What three pieces of advice would you give to aspiring authors?

-Always seek out new experiences--a well-lived life is the most important thing a writer can have for inspiration

-You're only competing with yourself; don't sell yourself short, but never stop improving

-Never stop learning

Q: Aside from reading, other mediums do you draw inspiration from?

Travel is a huge source of inspiration for me--if I find myself stuck, I'll often either plan a trip or look through photos of past trips. A lot of what I see and experience makes its way into my books--from visual art, to music, to manga, to nature.

Q: What is one thing you feel is absolutely crucial to keep in mind when writing for a YA audience?

Don't write for the audience. Never write for the audience. If you start thinking about it in terms of writing for an audience, you'll start to dumb down the work, or preach, or forget about the important things, like story and character. Just write a good story. Everything else--including the audience--comes after you finish writing a good story.