Book Recommendation: The Dictionary of Mythology

Book Recommendation: The Dictionary of Mythology by J. A. Coleman

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As writers, regardless of genre, we’ve all found ourselves needing to do research in one form or another. I recently started a new manuscript, so I’m in the early phases of world and concept building. Since I’m using a lot of mythology references, I knew I needed to freshen up and broaden my knowledge base. The Dictionary of Mythology has been a life saver.

Each entry is very short, but the 1,135 page tome contains a wealth of information. Each entry includes what culture the mythological hero or legend hails from, along with a brief description and key words. In some cases the entries are longer (more like an encyclopedia entry than a definition), but most are quick info shots.

It really is a great starting point for research and I’ve learned about a number of interesting creatures I’d never heard of before! I’ve been reading it cover to cover, noting items that I’d like to do more research on in the future.

I wasn’t really sure where to start when started my research. The Dictionary of Mythology is a great resource I’d recommend for any writer’s bookshelf. 

-- Erin