Things We Love: Ze Frank


Ah, Ze Frank, one of my many internet-based crushes. (Yes, I see the theme developing here, people.) 

In 2001, Ze Frank, a designer and programmer, sent a goofy email party invitation to seventeen of his friends, featuring his video tips on “How to Dance Properly." That email was forwarded so widely that his website traffic skyrocketed from a couple of dozen hits a day to roughly a bajillion, crashing his website and creating a data supernova that could be seen from space.

From those humble origins, Ze began to create a wide range of interactive games and experiences on his website, from the community photo gallery, “When Office Supplies Attack” to his worldwide project, Earth Sandwich, which is EXACTLY what you think it is, to his poignant, inspiring, and amazing The Show with Ze Frank, and its new incarnation A Show with Ze Frank. He has done what few people have managed to do—create a true creative community, founded on the joys of art, silliness, authenticity, and innovation.

So beloved is Ze that his Kickstarter project to raise $50K to help him re-launch The Show garnered him almost $150K. And well worth it. His invocation should be required viewing for anyone struggling (or thriving) in the arts. Check it out

And then set aside a week in which your children will go unfed, your bills unpaid, and poke through his entire website. I promise you that you’ll find a thrill, a kindred spirit, and heaps of inspiration along the way. 

-- Lorin