Things We Love: MC Frontalot

I’m pretty sure the fake quote from Noam Chomsky on Mc Frontalot’s home page says it all: "Never has a little boy sat so alone at his computer and busted out such inconceivably thick rhymes. MC Frontalot has tapped the zeitgeist. It is with good reason that he is so very famous and rich."

I’m not quite smart enough or gadgety enough to call myself a nerd, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m a nerd APPRECIATOR. And MC Frontalot, the father of “nerdcore hip hop,” speaks to the inner geek girl in me who wishes she’d spent more time playing video games and less time reading trashy Judith Krantz novels. (Okay, maybe I wish I’d divided my time equally.)

His songs like (one of my faves) “Tongue-Clucking Grammarian," feature lyrics like:

“Quit arguing! You need your verbs to agree/

with their subjects’ relative plurality,/

and I cannot believe grad school let you go/

when flunking is the only present participle that you know.“

He is a bespectacled, flashlight-wearing god of word play, fat beats, and ridiculously catchy fun.

Check out the awesome documentary, Nerdcore Rising for an intro, then head on over to iTunes for geektastic offerings like “I’ll Form the Head” (an argument between the various components of a Voltron-like super robot as to who’ll take the prime spot in an upcoming battle), “Critical Hit,” “Power User,” and many others.

Geek out and get your groove on; it’s like the best in one-stop shopping!

-- Lorin