Thanks for a great first week!

First off, we just wanted to say thanks to everyone out there who helped make our blog launch such a success! Be sure to check out our previous posts this week, including writing prompts and I'll Write Because... by Lorin. The comments sections are filled with great entries from the Free Expressions community!

And now, to our Friday post! 

This great image has been making the rounds on the internet, but did you know you can buy a print

The much talked about Bookish, a new website for searching recommendations and buying books, goes live. What do you think about this new venture?


Jane Friedman's website is filled with great advice for authors. Her recent compilation post of business tips should not be missed!


Donald Maass asks some important questions about your protagonist on Writer Unboxed, including: "Is your protagonist a lot like you, or like you not at all?"




Stay nimble without having to leave your desk! Check out this chair yoga video, recommended by Dani Greer over at the Blood Red Pencil blog.