Friday Roundup 3.1.13

Thanks for another great week!

A few bits of Free Expressions business to get us started. Make sure to check out Lorin's guest post about scene temperature over at Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing.

We're also pleased to announce Lorin will be on staff for the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop in June. Early registration for the event ends May 15, 2013.

We've already received a great response for Lorin's first page feedback! If you'd like to submit your first page (up to 300 words), email Pages will posted in the order recieved, and we currently have nine people in line for feedback. Thanks for your participation, and visit us next Wednesday for the first feedback post. 

Elsewhere on the interwebs:

The League of Extraordinary Writers is now taking sign-ups for their new newsletter. Authors include Alumni Lissa Price and 2013 Your Best Book guest speaker Beth Revis.

Erin's cat Chunky Butt, helping with revisions!

Seems cats have a long history when it comes to causing trouble with manuscripts, like peeing on them or walking all over them! Such critics!

Victoria Strauss talks about copyright and unpublished works over at Writer Beware.

Have a great weekend everyone!