Book Recommendation: Wonder

Lorin Recommends: WONDER by R. J. Palacio

Let me just say that if you read and don’t love this book, I have no answer for you except that you should probably just pardon yourself from the human race and go live on an island where you can stroke your hairless cat and plot global domination from your fortress of bone.

Okay, it’s possible I’m putting too fine a point on things, but this is such a sweet and soulful book, and so touching it made tears do suicide LEAPS out of my tear ducts.

The novel’s protagonist is ten-year-old Auggie Pullman, born with a host of disfiguring craniofacial anomalies. And he’s about to start school. Middle school. In public, after being homeschooled and cloistered for most of his life.

And while he meets the predictable bullying and cruelty of some of his classmates, this novel stands out for all of the lovely and unexpected gifts it offers. Auggie’s voice is sharp, well rendered, and so full of hope and sincerity. The other viewpoint characters are also treated with respect and authenticity. And when they all converge in the dazzling last portion of the novel, the novel elevates beyond the story of just one boy’s quest for belonging to capture greater themes of community and heroism.

No surprise this was a NYT Bestseller. It’s a quick read but one that will stay with you after you turn the final page. 

-- Lorin