Book Recommendation: Gone With the Wind

Brenda Recommends: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

In keeping with the theme of my blog post, I’m going to slip back into my childhood mind a bit and recommend the very first adult book I ever read, one that had a huge impact on my vision of story. When I was in sixth grade, my best friend Michelle suggested that we find the fattest book in the library and see who could read it the fastest. That book turned out to be GONE WITH THE WIND and, miraculously, our school library happened to have two copies. I won the race, finishing in less than a week, and found myself forever changed.

Not only did the book create a lifelong love of historical fiction, but it taught me, in a subconscious but very concrete way, about the scope of a story, about the way that some books are small and focused, while others cover great distances and have vast implications. I fell in love with GONE WITH THE WIND in all of a few pages, and even though I really wanted to win the challenge, I was equally sad to reach the last page and lay the adventure to rest. Stories just don’t get much better.

-- Brenda