BONI Hood River 2013 Writing Prompts #2

Today's prompts focus on making your antagonist more than a "muwahaha" villain:

Who is your antagonist?

  • Who works against the protagonist the most?
  • How is the antagonist right?
  • Who goes along with antagonist?  
  • What would be good about the antagonist’s plan?
  • How does the antagonist doubt themselves?
  • The antagonist needs a vision, goal, something that he or she wants to bring about. What must the antagonist do to make this goal happen?
  • Create two new times for your antagonist and protagonist to come face to face in the story.
  • When can the protagonist accept that the antagonist is correct?

How is your antagonist flawed?

  • What has the antagonist not realized, not seen, missed, failed to understand about their plan, about the protagonist, etc.
  • How is the antagonist shortsighted? How are they wrong?
  • What is the most dramatic way you can show the antagonist they have it wrong – at the end, what will prove they were wrong?

Defeating the antagonist is good, but what turns your antagonist’s heart at the end? What is the lesson in defeat?

How will we know, see, hear this lesson? How can it be on the page, and how do we, the reader, understand the antagonist has changed?