Things We Love: Bess the Book Bus

Imagine a mobile library, stocked full of great book titles for kids and painted in magical swirls of green, with stars and vines and a little world in which young readers can dream and explore.

That’s Bess, the Book Bus--the passion project of Tampa resident, Jennifer Frances. Jennifer travels all around the country, bringing words and hope to kids who need both.

As their website says, “Bess the Book Bus is dedicated to reading to children, promoting literacy, and getting books in to the homes of underprivileged children and families across the country.” 

Can there be a worthier endeavor than spreading the love of reading—and access to books--to kids who live in tough, under-served communities?  

Check out Bess’s website or Facebook page to learn more about their fantastic work.

And consider donating new books, remainders, or ARC’s to her cause. Or just, you know, actual cash monies! Jennifer—and the new readers of the world—will love you for it.

Inside Bess!

As a special POT SWEETENER, too, if you send us proof of your donation to Bess by April 30th, we’ll match that with a discount off any of our workshops or services—up to $50 each. Email to participate.

So, do something good; get something good. Win-win, and Bess gets to keep on truckin’.

-- Lorin