BONI Hood River 2013 Writing Prompts #1

Hello from sunny (for now) Hood River, Oregon! The Breakout Novel Intensive 2.0 kicked off yesterday evening, with the first full class with literary agent Donald Maass taking place earlier this morning. During the week we’ll be sharing some prompts and words of wisdom from The Talent, and we hope you enjoy this small sample of our longest running Free Expressions workshop.

Writing Prompt Hood River Day 1:

What is the one thing in your story that makes you gut angry? What is wrong, unfair, shouldn’t happen and/or pisses you off? What is the most unjust thing?

What about this moment makes it so unbearable? What law/principle/custom/common sense is broken in that moment?

If things were right, what should have happened?

How does your protagonist know that he or she is changed for good by this situation? How is your protagonist irreversibly different?

Now write a passage where your protagonist expresses their sense of outrage.

Does this passage have a place in your manuscript? If so, put it in!


Stay tuned for more prompts/exercises this week!