Things We Love: Up Band by Jawbone

So, it turns out that writing is not the most active of all possible professions. In fact, in a recent* study, writer ranked just slightly higher than “sloth accountant**” in terms of daily physical activity inherent in the profession.

Unfortunately, we keep getting more and more—completely terrifying—information to suggest that sitting on one’s butt all day is really kind of awful for us. I won’t link to the various articles that support this view. If your inbox hasn’t been inundated with alarming data already, just take my word for it.

Ideally, of course, we’d all have standing desks or treadmill desks or complete pole-vaulting-and-downhill-skiing-workstations.  But many of us don’t have the room or the money (or the athletic prowess) for such things.

Enter the UP BAND by Jawbone. The Up Band is basically a little computer you wear around your wrist. It tracks your calorie intake, steps taken, hours of sleep—both deep sleep and light. Its app allows you to keep track of meals, water consumed, mood, etc. And you can even have a community of “teammates”—friends who also have the band.

One of the things I really love? You can set it to vibrate at standard intervals, as a reminder to get up, move around, shake the sillies out, and move some more oxygen around in your body so you can actually, you know, THINK.

In my mind, it’s a pretty nifty device! So check it out here, if you like. 

And if you decide to nab one for yourself, look me up so we can join teams. We’ll shake our sillies out, together!

-- Lorin


* And completely fabricated…

** Also not a real thing…I don’t think. I’m not a sloth, so I couldn’t swear to it.