Book Recommendation: Odd Duck by Cecil Castellucci (author) and Sara Varon (illustrator)

Lorin Recommends: ODD DUCK by Cecil Castellucci (author) and Sara Varon (illustrator)

Like most writers, I love to read just about anything. All sorts of genres inspire me, all forms of written expression—from songs to poetry to movie scripts, as well as novels.

So, though picture books are completely outside of my editorial wheelhouse*, I do love them. Good ones are absolutely works of art, mini master classes in compression and elegance (like a great poem). And there can be such an interesting tension or harmony between words and text.

One of my recent favorites is ODD DUCK, a charming, sly story about a very proper duck, Theodora, who--though set in her ways and a little fearful of things that feel different to her—befriends Chad, an unkempt, idiosyncratic, and not all together “normal” duck.

What follows is a sweet, insightful meditation on friendship and on the beauty of waddling to the beat of one’s own…quack? Definitely worth a read for any adult and a truly wonderful and inspiring lesson to pass along to the kids in your life.

What picture books speak to you—either from your childhood or from today? Share some of your favorites in the comments section!

* For anyone working on a picture book manuscript, I can’t recommend our friend, Emma Dryden, highly enough! See for more.