Things We Love: Much Ado About Nothing



Oh, Joss Whedon! 

Likely, I'll mimic the sentiments of one-thousand other fangirls (or boys) by mentioning that it's just a PINCH unfair that we don't get to be best friends. Because then *I* could come to your house and goof around with you and your friends by putting on performances of Shakespeare in your backyard.

Alas, this would not seem to be my fate, and so I've had to content myself with merely viewing this wonderful little film. An imperfect but completely charming, sexy, and sly version of Shakespeare's play, the film features awesome performances, some clever reimaginings of certain scenes, and a film-stealing performance by my mad crush, Nathan Fillion (as Dogberry, a role that affords any actor great opportunities to play a bumbling goof).

Shot in twelve days and on a (relative) micro-budget, there's something so fresh and alive here, it not only allows the actors to shine but, for me, brought renewed vitality to the well-worn tropes of the play. 

So worth seeing, not only for the smart direction and strong acting, but to be reminded, yet again, of the beauty of Shakespeare's words, the power and deep understanding of human nature that keeps his work relevant and compelling to this day. 

-- Lorin