Things We Love: The Mary Sue

There’s only a few websites I check daily without fail, and one of them is The Mary Sue: A Guide to Girl Geek Culture. It’s exactly what it sounds like! Content focuses on all things geeky, with a special focus on women in geek-related culture.

Posts cover a wide variety of media types. Most recently they covered news from Comic-Con. Sometimes they post original fiction, or comic book, novel and movie reviews. A regular feature is their Power Grid, a list of a dozen or so related items (most recently 13 Independent Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies You Need to Watch). A current ongoing series features a blogger watching Battlestar Galactic for the first time and sharing her thoughts.

It’s also a good source for movie trailers, TV series updates, and geeky merchandise. And sometimes they just post about awesome stuff found around the web – anything from fanart to internet memes to cute animal videos.

On the flip side, The Mary Sue isn’t afraid to talk about tough topics relating to politics, women’s rights, and equality. They share great causes, charity events, and stories about awesome individuals making a difference. I think part of what keeps the site interesting is a balance between all of these things.

I hope you’ll check it out!

-- Erin