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It’s been quite some time since I’ve rode the query merry-go-round. Sending, waiting, sending some more, waiting some more. It’s an exciting and crazy-making time in a writer’s journey, but one thing that helps loads is staying organized during it all. I found to be extremely helpful with this.

The basic membership is free, along with an informative blog, and the premium membership is a very affordable $25 per year. They’ve been on the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites for Writers for five years running.

The main feature of the website is exactly what it sounds like – it helps you keep track of your query letters. Who have you queried, when did you send what. You can set reminders, filter agents, and rank them according to your level of interest.

Querytracker includes a massive database of agents, updated regularly with their contact information, websites, emails, clients, genres represented, and average reply time on query letters, partials and fulls. (The stats are based on Querytracker users only, and while this website is well-maintained and has a great community, you should always check agent information on their personal or agency websites before querying.) There’s also space for querying writers to leave comments and interact with one another on their forum. Querytracker also shares success stories of members who elect to share their experience.

It’s truly a great resource, and I highly recommend it to anyone on query or planning to query soon. And good luck to everyone who is already on the ride!

-- Erin