Book Recommendation: THE STORIED LIFE OF A. J. FIKRY

When the owner of my local independent bookstore, Inkwood Books, recommended this title to me, it was with a sparkle of enthusiasm that told me I’d find something special between the pages. And I did.


FIKRY is a slim work—both literally and figuratively. Its scope is modest; it’s a story of a bookstore owner, whose life on the tiny island has been reduced to an even smaller scale as a result of Fikry’s prickly nature and losses he’s suffered.  When life hands the protagonist an unexpected gift, it also offers the opportunity for him to heal, to move beyond the limitations he’s created for himself, and to turn the page to a new chapter.

More than that—or in addition—this is a book about books. It’s a story about transformation—both the transformative nature of love and the transformative nature of literature. It’s about how stories, like people, get under our skin and change us.

It’s not a perfect story; I might certainly quibble with some of the author’s choices. But it’s a GREAT story in that it provides a deeply felt, truly delightful reading experience. It resonated after I closed it and made me feel grateful to have read it. And that’s everything—in my book.  

– Lorin