On writing, editing, and making a living at it all...


I had the good fortune to be featured on the BIZ WOMEN ROCK podcast, an amazing series of interviews with entrepreneurial women all over the world, conducted by my equally amazing friend Katie Krimitsos.


Our topic? Well, pretty much everything related to my work as editor, story development coach, workshop producer and, yes, AUTHOR.

What was illuminating for me--and, I hope for you--was Katie's take on it as an entrepreneur. Her questions made me stop to think about my journey as part of this mercurial business (publishing), and I think brought some compelling information to light.

Some choice quotes Katie pulled from the interview:

I don’t remember any time in my life when I wasn’t writing, when I wasn’t reading absolutely voraciously.
I think my guiding principle has always been, 'this seems like a good idea that will help people.' 
I’m always interested in how to reach people and how to help them move ahead and get closer to achieving their dreams.
You have to be willing to risk.
Sometimes, you just have to believe that you can take it apart and do it, a thing at a time, and build it.
You can’t go wrong if you’re sincerely invested in your clients’ success.
That’s what storytelling is all about: keeping your readers in that state of delicious apprehension where you just have to keep turning the page.


I think this advice transfers to a lot of artistic dreams, to storytelling, building a business, even getting married or chucking it all to travel the world.

Hope you'll take some time to listen to the full interview and to check out her other podcasts as well. I'm honored to have been part of it and hope you enjoy!


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