The following rates refer to manuscripts that are double-spaced, with 1—1.25" margins all around in twelve-point serif type. As a general rule, a typical manuscript has approximately 250 words per page.

Please do not use Times New Roman. Palatino,  Bookman, Georgia, New Century or other similar font is preferred.

Work is generally scheduled at least a couple of months in advance,  so please contact us by phone or email to discuss submitting your work so we can add you to our queue.


This is the most thorough and intensive approach to the editing of your work, breaking down the process into two separate stages: a thorough developmental edit followed by a separate (and equally thorough) line-edit.

This option includes:

Part One:

  • A comprehensive review of the manuscript for all issues of story and character development, etc.

  • A fifteen-to-twenty-page single-spaced report covering those issues in great detail.

  • One hour of follow-up discussion via Skype or Google text chat.

Part Two:

  • Once the novel has been reworked according to our findings in part one, we offer complete line-editing of the manuscript in its entirety, with comments made using the Track Changes feature in MS Word.

  • Half-hour follow-up phone conference or online conference via Skype.

  • Review of synopsis/query letter.

  • Ongoing support and feedback during the marketing process.

  • 10% discount off further work.

Price: $3,375 for novels up to 375 pages (or 90K words). $8 per each additional page (of 250 words each).

Note: This can be broken into two payments of $1700 and $1675, paid with each part undertaken.


This is a consolidated version of the above, which includes:

  • A ten–fifteen page report on all aspects of the manuscript.

  • Thorough line–editing and in–text commentary of a minimum of the first one-hundred pages; light commentary within the remainder.

  • Half-hour follow-up via Skype or Google text chat.

  • Review of synopsis/letter to agents.

  • Ongoing support and feedback during the marketing process.

  • 10% discount off further work.

Price: $2,675 up to 375 pages (or 90K words). $8 per each additional page (of 250 words each).


An evaluation of the first one-hundred pages of an author's work. This plan includes:

  • Five–seven page manuscript evaluation.

  • Thorough line–editing and in–text commentary of first fifty pages with lighter commentary within the remainder.

  • Review of synopsis/letter to agents.

  • 10% discount off further services.

Price: $975 for manuscripts up to one-hundred pages (25K words). $8 per each additional page.


This per-page package is ideal for those with short stories, partial manuscripts, nonfiction articles, material intended for agents and/or editors, or those simply wishing to sample our services.

Per-Page Pricing includes:

  • Line-editing of all materials.

  • Manuscript evaluation.

Price: $10.00 per page of novel material; $30 per page of marketing/promotional material (synopses, queries, etc). $300 minimum.


What you receive in a critique:

  • A list of the things I love about your manuscript and your writing.

  • I address the areas of the manuscript that require attention and improvement.

  • I analyze the writing in the following categories: character development, plot/structure, language/diction, voice, and marketability, giving specific feedback about the issues in each category.

  • Next-step suggestions to get you moving forward with your manuscript.



Follow-up critiques after revision are available at a reduced rate. Please ask for details.

These rates are based on picture book manuscripts of 800 words or less. There is an additional $10.00 charge for each page (or portion of page) over 800 words.

Please follow Free Expressions guidelines for manuscript formatting.

For more information, contact Lorin Oberweger: or call 813-391-8980