Writing success comes in many forms, but in our view, it always includes a great story with dimensional characters, told well. That’s what we’ll help you achieve.

Our complete novel (or memoir) editing services go far beyond simple corrections of grammar or style, delving deeply into issues of plot and structure, character development, voice, pacing, description, dialogue, theme, and much more.

Whether you’re aiming for success in the traditional publishing arena or hoping to self-publish your work, we push you to be your best, to create a work of fiction that will fire readers’ imaginations AND their ongoing loyalty. In short, our objective is to help you make your novel or work of creative nonfiction all that it has the potential to be.

As writers ourselves, we appreciate the investment you make when you use our services. As such, we’ve tried to create a variety of services to best meet your needs. That said, if you’re looking for something we haven’t covered here, contact us by phone or email, and we’ll do our best to work with you.