“I've had the good fortune of taking several of Lorin's workshops over the past few years. After each one, I've walked away feeling equipped to approach my story with a renewed sense of motivation, purpose, and drive. Lorin's unique approach to finding "your character's wound" and digging deeply into each character's psyche has taught me how to transition my stories' players from flat, often two-dimensional sketches of people, to real, living people with worthy tales to tell. If I could help it, I'd never write another story without Lorin's teaching and guidance again!” -- Jill MacKenzie, author of SPIN THE SKY and BREATHE THE DRAGON

"Lorin is an incredibly talented teacher. Whenever she is teaching a writing workshop, I make it a point to attend. Not only do I learn about my craft, I learn about myself. Recently, I took one of her workshops at a writing conference, and my manuscript is so much better now because of it. I have reached new heights in creating more emotional resonance in my work, better character development, and tighter scene structure. I can't recommend Lorin enough and look forward to her next workshop. Thank you, Lorin!" - Debbie Fischer, author of THIS IS NOT THE ABBY SHOW

“Lorin is the person who will ask why your story matters to you. Then she’ll suggest ways to make the heart of your story shine brighter than you could imagine. A writer needs someone who cares about the story and about the author. Lorin does both. She is reflective and insightful and supportive—and her comments will make you stop, think, and re-imagine your story world to be bigger and brighter and more important. Lorin’s class on developing your story will give you tools to craft the story you care about and readers will love.” -- Kate MacEachern

“Lorin is brilliant, with great wit and a great eye.  She's been a joy to learn from.” – Ruth Horn

“Lorin Oberweger has mastered the creative writing craft. She passes her knowledge on with such professionalism that the writer can see all the possibilities that previously seemed out of reach. I recall that after listening to her in one group session, I thought: why didn't I think of that? I plan on attending more workshops where she is involved. The last one was the best I've ever attended. Lorin, sharing your expertise is a gift to the creative writing world. Thank you so much!” – Dee Montgomery

“I’ve been referencing your tips on deep voice since the conference, and it’s already added a whole new layer to my main character.” – Faran Fagen

“Lorin organizes very professional yet intimate writing events which create a positive culture and encourage camaraderie and sharing among students. This environment is a direct reflection of Lorin herself—tremendously knowledgeable yet warm and approachable. I believe Lorin wants all of her students to experience the joy in writing that she herself understands. You will learn a ton and have fun! – Stacy Ward

“I’ve taken two workshops and one boot camp with Lorin Oberweger, who is a phenomenal writing teacher and ally. Whenever I learn of another class by her, I am there. She is extremely articulate and incisive about how to improve your manuscript, and I’ve improved my YA verse novel so much that four agents have expressed interest. I should also mention her wonderful humanity and sense of humor.” – BJ Lee

“Lorin Oberweger is a passionate and compassionate editor and teacher. I’ve learned not only how to better my writing through the Free-Expressions workshops that I’ve attended but also how to improve my own critique, editing and revision skills.” - Jen Pun

“Lorin is the best kind of person to help you through the writing trenches. I have seen her at many workshops and conferences as well as engaging her as a private editor and coach--some of the best money I have ever spent in the development of my craft. She is professional and compassionate in just the right measures. Whether you need cheering or frank talk, detailed writing advice or big picture story building, Lorin excels at them all. If you have the opportunity to see one of her presentations or attend a class, go!” – Simone Cooper

“Lorin Oberweger’s writing classes are great for writers at all levels. As someone with no formal training, I’m so glad I found Lorin. I’m still in the beginning of my writing career, but Lorin’s courses have helped me improve my voice, my story structure, and my character arc. She also has a way of explaining things that just makes sense. I always walk away from her lectures with new and better ideas.” – Stacey Goldstein

“Novel-writing is both an art AND a science, and Lorin has worked out how to toggle back and forth between right and left brain. In her classes, we build our own creative systems to get a new book started or a stuck book moving. 

"Lorin entertains while she teaches, with hands-on exercises that quickly bond classmates into a community that lasts after the seminar.” – Kelly Karsner Clarke 

“I met Lorin at the first conference I attended, and her warmth and wit put me at ease.  I had the good fortune to attend her two-day class with Jonathan Maberry at the SCBWI Mid-Year Workshop in Orlando where she gave us much to consider regarding character development, plot pace, conflict, and digging deep for emotion.  Still needing advice, I sent my manuscript to her for her editorial services. She helped me see the issues I’ve been struggling with in a kind and honest evaluation. I know my story will be stronger as I revise and rework the tale using her insight and suggestions.” -- Tara Powers

“I’ve taken three writing workshops with Lorin Oberweger, and each one exceeded my expectations. To be a great teacher, you have to have heart and commitment.  Lorin has an abundance of both. She is skillful, humble, passionate, perceptive, and teaches from personal experience.  Not only were her courses both fun and challenging, but Lorin’s direct feedback for improving my writing was invaluable. She has a calm, direct, and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me.  I can’t speak highly enough of her workshops.  So seize the opportunity!” -- Kathy Macdonald 

“I took a workshop with Lorin in the summer 2016, and it was invaluable to my understanding of novel structure and story telling.” – Jessica Toman

“My first workshop with Lorin was called, "(Un) Stuck in the Middle.” Not only was it full of, "Ah ha!" moments, but the invaluable advice and material helped me look at my story in an expansive way. It drew me out of pitfalls I didn't realize I faced and made me excited to finish the story I had started. Any subsequent workshops and panels always leave me inspired and full of direction. I leave a better writer because of them and reference the notes I took from each workshop quite regularly. Lorin's appreciation and love of stories are both contagious and inspiring, and I'm always grateful for the knowledge she shares.” – Melissa Kear